What is Reside?

Reside is an initiative that acquires abandoned and vacant properties and renovates them into affordable housing for individuals who are currently experiencing or at risk of homelessness; this includes: youth, women fleeing violence, veterans, and the LGBTQ2SI+ community. 

To learn more about how the program works, check out our Program Model page.

Where does it come from?

While Reside is the first of its kind in Canada, Reside is based on the UK model, Canopy Housing. Other similar housing models do also exist internationally. Refer to our map to see these international housing models. 

How does it work?

Raising the Roof acquires vacant and abandoned properties. This is usually obtained from the government through an application process.


A social enterprise contractor is contracted to do renovations on the properties.


Raising the Roof enters into a leasing agreement with one of its community partner agency that serves individuals who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness. The community partner agency is then in charge of selecting tenants for the property.


Raising the Roof enlists the help of interested parties to complete the renovations, typically through a community build day as a team building exercise. The Home Depot has been a stellar example of what a Community Build Day can achieve for not its team, but especially for Reside's cause.


Tenants move into their new home!


What's Innovative about Reside?

Reside has three innovative features:

1) The Reside model contributes to the lack of affordable housing across Canada by taking advantage of the existing housing stock.


2) Reside offers an additional social impact by contracting with social enterprise contractors, which provide training and employment to people facing barriers to the trades through renovation and construction work. Our first contractor partner is Building Up, a social enterprise contractor in Toronto. Learn more about our partner, Building Up, on the 'partnership' tab.


3) Reside is a financially sustainable model; rent income collected from the tenants is used to secure additional homes and to renovate those homes.