Employment and Training

While Reside alone does not directly offer training in the trades, the Reside sites offer many training opportunities. This is achieved by partnering with a social contractor, who directly trains individuals facing barriers to employment and then gives them the opportunity to work on the Reside properties. 

Steps to incorporating this Training & Development model:

  1. Determine existing construction social enterprises within the Reside property's geographical area that are already providing construction training

  2. Assess fit between the social enterprises' capacity and the project scope

  3. Assess fit based on project budget

  4. Create partnership agreements


Benefits to Reside

  • Social value attached to contracting a social enterprise that hires and trains individuals facing employment barriers

  • Collective impact of working with numerous partners with varying expertise

  • Environmental benefits associated with renovating properties that are environmentally sustainable 

Benefits to the participants of the social enterprise

  • Opportunity to renovate an entire house, not just a touchup

  • Opportunity to see a project from start to finish -

  • Practical learning opportunity to see what's behind the walls and houses

  • Gain understanding of project timelines

  • Exposure to multiple trades, ranging from plumbing to electrical wiring

  • Steady work opportunity

  • Boost in self-esteem

Marc Soberano,

Building Up Founder & Executive Director

“For someone not feeling so great about themselves and being able to build a home, and building a home for people who need housing – it allows people to know that they have something to offer. This is definitely something that’s been happening on the [Reside] site.” 


—  Name, Title