Reside is overseen by Raising the Roof’s volunteer Board of Directors. These Directors make up four sub-committees: The Executive Committee (comprised of the chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, and fundraiser), the Finance Committee, the Risk Committee, and the Fundraising Committee. The Board of Directors and Executive Director convene on a monthly basis through conference calls, or more frequently as needed, and in-person on an annual basis at the Annual General Meeting. The sub-committees convene as frequently as needed, but it is recommended that the Risk Committee and Fundraising Committee meet on a bi-weekly basis.


The Executive Director directly reports to the Board of Directors. The Advisory Committee works closely with the Executive Director to help make well-informed decisions about the program. It is recommended that the Advisory Committee consist of representatives from the homelessness sector, the housing sector, the construction field, as well as individuals with a background in architecture and heritage properties, and a background in financial consulting for housing programs like Reside. 


The Director of Development and Project/Construction Manager directly report to the Executive Director. It is recommended that these two positions also participate in the Advisory Committee to stay informed and to offer valuable insight into the program. 


Early in the project, it is recommended that the Executive Director and Advisory Committee convene on a monthly basis through conference calls to secure continuous developments in and improvements to the project.

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