This Partnerships Decision Matrix is a tool created to help organizations choose partnerships that will successfully help them implement the Reside program.


Please note: The following questions are not all-inclusive; there may be additional external factors to consider that are unique to each community.


1) Is the geographical location of the property accessible to the social contractor?
2) Does the social contractor have the expertise and capacity to meet the project scope?
3) Is the cost of the social contractor within the project budget?
4) Does the contractor's mission closely align with Reside's?


1) Does the community agency's mission closely aligned with Reside's?
2) Does the community agency have experience serving similar communities that align with Reside's (e.g. population at risk of or experiencing homelessness)?
3) Is the community agency able to have a live-in caseworker at the Reside property? 
4) Is the community agency agreeable to the Lease Agreement? If not, is there room to compromise?


1) Does the architecture/engineer have expertise in accessibility? 
2) Does the architecture/engineer have expertise in environmentally sustainable renovations?
3) Does the architecture/engineer have expertise in construction work around the conservation of heritage properties?
4) Is the cost of the architecture/engineer within the project budget?


1) Does the insurance company cover all the necessary elements [list necessary elements] ?
2) Is the cost of the insurance company within the project budget?


1) Do the legal consultants/advisors have working knowledge of the geographical property location?
2) Do the legal consultants/advisors have expertise in tenancy?
3) Is the cost of the consultants/advisors within the project budget?


1) Does the project manager or coordinator have project management experience, specifically in housing construction and renovations? (minimum 2 years in construction and renovations)
2) Is the project manager's salary within the project budget? 


1) Is the Reside financial model agreeable with the organization?
2) Does the organization have internal expertise and resources readily available to control and manage Reside's financial model?
3)  Is there a need for an additional financial advisor or consultant?
4) Is there a budget to hire a financial advisor/consultant?


1) Does the project manager or social contractor have sufficient expertise in housing renovations to make interior design decisions (e.g. paint colours, door trimmings, etc)? 
2) Is there an expectation from the community partner agency to have the property fully furnished?
3) Is the interior designer's salary within the project budget? 

The following templates are provided here to help you develop partnerships with your Core Partners and Strategic Partners:


Community Readiness Assessment


The following Community Readiness Assessment checklist is simply a guide to help interested communities determine whether they are ready to implement the Reside program in their community. It is recommended that this checklist be used in tandem with the other resources found in this Toolkit.