Reside in the Media

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Heritage Matters

In this issue of Heritage Matters, the value of heritage conservation as a strong and necessary investment in the health and vitality of our communities is examined. Through a variety of perspectives from experts in the field, as well as case studies of successful adaptive reuse projects, 'Heritage Matters' explores the importance of heritage in building strong economies and communities.


Toronto Star article

Following the Plaque Unveiling Ceremony held by the Government of Canada to honour Raising the Roof, the Toronto star interviewed Elisa, Raising the Roof's former Director of Community Initiatives. The event was attended by political representatives, such as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Families, Children and Social Development Adam Vaughan.

Peer Exchange Journal

In this peer exchange journal, Fundació Hàbitat3, a private foundation based in Barcelona, recounts their daily experience at World Habitat's peer exchange on Self-Help Housing in the North of England.

Their innovative approaches to tackling empty homes is similar to Reside.  

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Self-Help Housing in the North of England

In 2015, World Habitat awarded Canopy and Giroscope for their self-help housing in the North of England.

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City TV

A project that will see a church built in the 1800s re-purposed into a home for special needs adults brings together several community organizations and will benefit the home's new residents as well as those building it. Audra Brown reports.

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National Housing Strategy

Raising the Roof's Reside initiative was showcased on the National Housing Strategy’s website as one of nine chosen demonstration projects on innovative solutions to affordable housing in Canada.

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La Strategie Nationale au Logement

Des solutions de logement novatrices, améliorées et en plus grand nombre sont essentielles pour aider les Canadiens à avoir accès à un logement qui répond à leurs besoins et qu’ils ont les moyens de payer.