Looking to replicate the Reside model in your community? On this page, you will find the following information: a list of Raising the Roof's Reside partners, an explanation of the different types of partners, and a matrix outlining recommended partnerships.

Building Up

Building Up is a non-profit social enterprise that trains and hires individuals facing barriers to employment to work in the trades. As a Reside partner, Building Up participants are given the opportunity to gain practical experience working on the Reside constructions. 

Hilditch Architecture

As our architectural partner, Hilditch Architecture provides us with support in meeting heritage designations and accessibility requirements.

Endeavour Centre

We have partnered with Endeavour school to train Building Up participants in environmentally sound renovation practices while we refurbish each home to be ecologically sustainable.

Ryerson's School of Interior Design

Our partners at Ryerson's School of Interior Design works with future tenants of the properties to ensure it meets their unique needs and that the space truly feels like home.

SHS Consulting and Social Venture Partners

We have partnered with SHS Consulting and Social Venture Partners to provide us with support in creating a financial model that will become self-sustaining over time.

Front-line organization

For each home we partner with a different local frontline organization to operate the space and to provide housing stability support for the tenants. To protect the itenants' dentities, our front-line partner agencies will remain undisclosed.

Raising the Roof's Partners:

Recommended Partnerships:

In order to successfully implement the project, there are several partnerships that are strongly recommended. The infographic below illustrates these recommendations. 


Types of Partners:

In Raising the Roof's experience, there are three main types of partners: Core Partners, Strategic Partners, and Service Partners.

Core Partners are composed of key members who have influence over the decision-making process: a project manager (from your organization), a social enterprise contractor, and a financial advisor. The Strategic Partners group may vary, but is essentially composed of members who are vital to delivering the project, including the housing service provider agencies. Lastly, the Service Partners group consists of members who will provide a service to your organization that is needed to successfully implement the Reside program, such as: an architect, insurance broker, interior designer, and legal consultant.

Financ (1).png

The following are Raising the Roof's Core Partners, Strategic Partners, and Service Partners: