Social Impacts

Reside is an innovative affordable housing initiative that yields 5 social impacts:

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    Affordable Housing

    Reside addresses the issue of homelessness and the lack of affordable housing by leveraging the availability of underutilized properties.

  • Employment & Training

    By employing a social contractor to renovate the Reside property, individuals experiencing employment barriers have an opportunity to gain practical training and work experience in the trades.

  • Environment

    The Reside properties are renovated to be eco-friendly to promote environmental sustainability, as well as to generate cost-savings for the tenants.

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    Restoring underutilized heritage properties not only contribute to the growing number of affordable houses, it also protects and revitalizes valuable cultural and architectural heritage, giving the site a new life with a meaningful purpose.

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    Social Corporate Engagement

    Reside offers opportunities for different organizations and corporations to give back to the community! Teams can spend a day team building and helping with light renovations to transform these properties into homes for people at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

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